Great Creatures, Real and Dreamed of

There are many strange species on our own planet. New species are still being uncovered in the Amazon Rainforest, the deep sea, and other areas that technology is merely now allowing us to explore.

* Lyre Fowl: Named for the condition of its magnificent plumed tail, but known for the extraordinary ability to mimic natural and unnatural sounds. Its songs incorporate those of other parrots, as well as disturbance from the environment around them
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* Oar Seafood: This fish appears like something out of mythology, could this be the base of the Chinese monster? They have very long, silver bodies with a red dorsal fin along the complete entire fish. These kinds of things are Huge! The longest recorded was thirty-six feet!

* Platypus: Odd looking with its sweet bill, beaver tail, and otter feet. But more odd in that not only is it an egg-laying mammal, it is also venomous.

* Liger: The liger, a cross types cross between a man lion and a girl tiger woods (the other way around is a tigon), is proof that some interspecies breeding does happen.

5. Frilled Lizard: This lizard looks like something remaining from the dinosaur era. The frill on their neck can stand directly out, and these men look funny when they get up and run using their hind legs.

When ever filling your own illusion world with life, you can always rely on familiar creatures–real ones like horses and snakes or mythical ones like dragons and unicorns. But one great thing about creating your own world is the possibility to be creative and create your own fantastic creature. Here are some ideas:

1 ) Combine two or more creatures: ex. liger, mira?as, sphinx

installment payments on your Modify a familiar creature into something wonderful: example from my own writing is the Eaktu. This horse is constructed of our planet. It’s feet and bones are made of stone. Mane and tail are grass. The eyes are important rocks. It might travel swiftly within the entire world. When tamed, are incredibly loyal to their expert. Will come through the earth when summoned. Nevertheless , they cannot take their rider below the surface. Removing the eyes will kill them–the body will disintegrate.

3. Create a new breed (nonmagical) of an animal: ex. green slider (type of snake), giant seahorse

4. Start out completely from scratch–more below

If creating a completely unique creature, there are some questions you can ask yourself. What is the creatures purpose? Will certainly it be a support, a messenger, a family pet, a danger in the woods? Where does it live? What does it eat? Add a physical explanation, and any powers/abilities it might have.

One fun tool is for a coming out later this year, Spore. You can currently download the trial or purchase the animal creator part of the game. It allows you to create completely unique creatures. Then it will take what you choose and show you how it would move, fight, connect. There is a lot variety, the combinations are countless.


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