The Most Common Numbers Played in the Lottery

Have you ever played Lotto? It’s too an easy task to dream of hitting the jackpot and so chances are you currently have. You understand just how you created your personal set of lucky numbers. I am aware I’ve used everything from old license plate numbers to combinations of family birth dates, old phone numbers and so on. But I curiously wondered, what probably the most commonly played numbers were.

So I attempted to find some answers on the world wide web. As it happens there are no straight answers regarding which are the most often played numbers in Lotteries. However, I did so find that a lot of people play their particular combinations of birth dates, old phone numbers and other lucky numbers that have personal significance to them. Sound familiar?

Interestingly enough, what I did so find, were records of actual numbers that have been drawn most frequently in Lotteries round the world. This was very interesting because, it informs me that for reasons uknown, there maybe a routine here. Patterns, if studied (correctly) could cause an idea of predicting the same or similar patterns over and over again.

Of course I’m no expert in in statistics and I don’t know just what it is which makes for these patterns to occur (if they even do). However, If I was to make an educated guess, I would guess so it could possibly be as simple because the weight of the paint/ink on each ball which makes them fall a certain solution to underneath of the container it’s drawn from. And since each number requires a varying level of paint/ink to represent that number, it generates good sense, and it’s not just a bad guess in my opinion.

But I’m sure that there is more to it than that. Perhaps along with the weight of the paint/ink on each ball, it is also how each of the lottery machines work. I’ve only seen a handful of them in action, but I’ve seem some that uses an arm, some with suction, some with blowers to draw the numbered balls out. Prediksi Togel

The more I seriously considered it, the more the paint/ink theory made sense to me. After all if a number of the balls were even slightly heavier, they would definitely fall faster to underneath, and they would roll to the front quicker compared to the other balls would (since the balls are constantly rolling as drawing takes place).

As I did so even more searching the net, I discovered many “formulas” and “systems” that reflect similar ideas and theories which represent a more systematic way of the complete “randomness” and “blind luck” approach most of us usually think of as it pertains to playing the lottery. Many of them where a bit more outrageous than others but I now I am more inclined to believe perhaps there might be a system out there which truly can raise your chances by picking the real lucky numbers which will ultimately hit that jackpot.


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