Urban Fitted Hats

Fitted hats are very common nowadays. Most of the young people are seen wearing them. Fitted hats are also called as “fitteds”. They come in a variety of different styles and different sizes. When the “flat bills” came in fashion, they were expensive and hard to find. But, now you can even find good fitteds selling at a flea market. You can buy fitted hats from the malls, fashion stores etc. Most of the fitted hats are of different prices.

You can find a wide variety of fitted hats if you go to a well- known flea market. Most of them sell fitted hats at unbelievable prices. Some of them are fake too. But, if you look at these hats closely, you will find that there is no base within the hat. That means, the hat will be uncomfortable when you wear it. A good advice for that could be that better check for the base within the hat, and try it on before you pay. I have seen vendors selling fitted hats just for $11 at flea markets. And, most of these hats are very good quality and people do come back to buy more.

Fitted hats are in fashion for sure. Young people usually dictate fashion. If a person of high recognition is seen wearing a particular style of a fitted hat, most probably, his style will be copied. It is usually a “follow the leader” game. Usually people like buying “flat billed fitted hats”. These kind of hats are usually seen worn by famous rappers. The latest syles include “skulls”, “NY”, “bling bling”, “dollar signs”.


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