Keeping Hair Pretty

Realms have been written on beautiful hair falling like ‘liquid silk’ and women are known to spare no expenses when it comes to their hair. In fact, if the amount of money spent on hair care products is any indication, then hair-care is big business, whether it is salon treatments or home treatments. Keeping the hair pretty takes patience and time and here are certain dos and donts for a sleek, shiny head of hair https://rideforrotary.club/.

The foremost thing to remember is that a clean scalp is a healthy scalp which in turn translates into good-looking hair! Keeping your scalp scrupulously clean is a must and shampooing whenever the hair feels dirty will take care of it. Many women make the mistake of shampooing as if they were putting their hair through the washing machine; rubbing vigorously and pulling hair will weaken the roots. Use gentle motions to shampoo your hair and always remember to apply a conditioner after it. Do not rub too hard with a towel but again, be gentle.

Wet hair is far weaker than dry hair, so, never try to detangle it with a normal comb. Instead use a wide-toothed comb to comb out the tangles, working your way up from down instead of the other way round. Being rough with wet hair will damage the follicles and keeping the hair pretty will be difficult.

Frequent and indiscriminate use of the blow dryer can play havoc with your hair as it uses hot air to dry the hair. Now, a blow dryer is something which no woman can do without and it is impossible to avoid it altogether. But, it can definitely be used with more care. For starters, use the cool setting as much as you can and never use it on absolutely wet hair. Keep the dryer a good distance from the head and try and restrict it to occasional use only. Dandruff sets in a dry scalp and a hair dryer robs the natural moisture from your scalp and makes it dry.

Keeping the hair pretty does not mean using up all possible hair care products in the market. Don`t go by the latest fad of using this or that product but use something which suits your hair type. Don`t buy a particular product just because your best friend uses it. Overuse of hair care products is also another fall out. In their zeal to have shiny, sleek locks, women slather their hair with two or three products in one go or keep experimenting with hair care stuff continuously. Too much of a good thing is also bad; keep this adage in mind and give your hair a break in-between various treatments.

Coloring the hair definitely gives an instant makeover but avoid doing this too often and preferably, get it done professionally. Also, go in for hair color which does not contain ammonia and be sure to moisturize and condition your hair properly as colored hair needs more care.

Once a week pamper your hair with a hair spa or moisturizing mask. This can be done either professionally or at home. Trimming your hair regularly takes care of split ends and helps in the growth of hair. An internal diet rich in fruits and vegetables is also essential to flush out toxins and keeping your hair pretty. And remember, keep your combs and brushes clean and do not share them with anyone.


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