Can It Go Any Further Than Just Flirting? Best Advice

At some point in our single life we have known someone we were interested in and flirted with, but never really made a move in order to try to make something more out of the relationship. When this situation occurs, how should you handle it? If the other person won’t make the first move… then you should.

If you flirt with someone who flirts back, then there’s obviously an attraction there. At first, it might just be a physical attraction that could progress into something deeper once they do actually get to know you. But how will you ever find that out? Unless you enjoy the prospect of never knowing, then you need to step up and see whether a relationship with this person is something worth pursuing.

Take the initiative. Walk up to them, look them in the eye, and actually talk to them. No flirting: just actual talking. This will quickly tell you if there is a chance for something more. If they easily engage you in conversation, then you have a shot at something more. But if the individual suddenly freezes up and obviously becomes uncomfortable with this new turn of events, then flirting is all that was ever meant to happen between the two of you.

Once you engage them in conversation, see where it takes you. The other person could have been interested in you the entire time, but felt inferior. He could be painfully shy asking people out. Or he could feel as if you would reject them. Making the first move clears any doubt from your mind.

Once he knows your intentions, then he can open up himself. It will be much easier for him to then make Niteflirtfindomme transition from flirt to friend and then the door is open to see where it takes you. The problem is if you are waiting on him to make the first move, he could be doing the same thing.

Once you confront a flirt, one of two things will happen:

Either they will recognize you are also interested in carrying the relationship a step further and they will loosen up. Instead of using playful flirting to try to get their encoded message across, they will be willing to open themselves up more.


They will become scared you are interested in more than they are either comfortable with, or able to give. If this happens, it will probably be the end of their flirting with you.

Learn about yourself… what is stopping you from taking the next step? Are destructive emotions at the heart of you hesitating? If so, maybe you need to get control of what you are really telling yourself. What are your beliefs?


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