Proper Installing of an Exterior Door

While curb appeal is great, it isn’t the main task of the door. Wrapping up the medial side from outside air, rain and snowfall is really the function of entry doors. If done wrongly you will have air and water seapage into the house and possible even rotting of the mounting surrounding the entranceway.

When installing a door, the first step is to check a floor for level. Having a level sill is one of the most important steps. If the sill is not level it will be extremely hard to get the door sq with the jamb.

Preparing the sill is second on the importance list. With the introduction of sill guards and sill tapes, this task has gotten easier. Cover a floor where the door sits on to the ground with your products that will keep out and shed water to the outside. There are many on the market, just pick one that fits your installation best. Don’t just settle with caulking a floor and setting the entranceway. Caulking breaks down over time and you will be left with a vulnerable point of water entry.

Cut the house wrap at the top of the entranceway on small 45 degree angle. Recording it up out of the way Jamb expo therefore it is just above the exterior of the door. Caulk the perimeter of the rough opening and set the entranceway. Slide drip cap under the house wrap. Caulk and recording the angle cuts to keep water from an individual there.

One of the places that usually gets overlooked are where the jamb meets the sill. Be sure to caulk this area, water runs down the entranceway jamb and gathers at the sill. Caulking here will increase the life span of the jambs. Another area to caulk is where the exterior brickmoulding meets the jamb. This will also add to the energy efficiency of the door.

Don’t bashful away from this DIY project, as it is not as scary as you think. Try to be prepared, do your research and your new door will appear great and function properly for years into the future.


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